xikers to embark on their first European tour

Rising K-pop sensation, xikers, is set to embark on their inaugural European tour through “2024 xikers WORLD TOUR TRICKY HOUSE : FIRST ENCOUNTER IN EUROPE.” The ten-member boy group, managed by KQ Entertainment, will showcase their talent in seven European cities, including London, Madrid, Berlin, Milan, Amsterdam, Warsaw and Paris. The tour kicks off in London on January 28, 2024 and concludes in Paris on February 10, 2024.

Debuting on March 30, 2023, with their first EP, ‘HOUSE OF TRICKY : Doorbell Ringing’, xikers quickly gained recognition as “monster rookies.” Their debut EP secured top positions on various Billboard charts, including No.1 on the Emerging Artists Chart, No.4 on the World Albums Chart, and No.75 on the Billboard 200 Chart.

Following their debut, xikers exceeded expectations with their second EP, ‘HOUSE OF TRICKY : HOW TO PLAY’, setting new sales records within the first week. Their global popularity was further solidified with performances at major events like “KCON LA 2023”, “2023 KPOP LUX by SBS Super Concert in Madrid”, and “2023 KOREA ON STAGE IN LONDON”.

Their recent U.S. tour, “2023 xikers WORLD TOUR TRICKY HOUSE : FIRST ENCOUNTER IN USA”, was a testament to their international appeal, captivating audiences with energetic performances and a dynamic discography.

xikers embarked on a successful tour of six cities in the U.S., filling over 10,000 seats and garnering recognition for their talent, paving the way for future success on a global scale. Their debut U.S. performance in New York solidified their status as burgeoning ‘performance blockbusters’, eliciting vibrant applause from fans. The tour reached its dazzling climax in San Francisco, marking a spectacular finale to xikers’ U.S. journey in 2023. The group expressed gratitude to their dedicated fan base, officially known as “road𝓨.”

As they gear up for their first European tour, xikers anticipates creating more unforgettable moments with their fans. The group’s versatile musical sound and powerful dance performances are expected to captivate audiences across Europe during the “2024 xikers WORLD TOUR TRICKY HOUSE : FIRST ENCOUNTER IN EUROPE”.

Tickets for the 2024 xikers WORLD TOUR TRICKY HOUSE : FIRST ENCOUNTER IN EUROPE are now on sale.

Information regarding ticketing for the shows can be found on: mmt.fans/bw3N