EVERGLOW in Warsaw – photos

The EVERGLOW concert in Warsaw, which took place on February 2, 2024 at Palladium club, was an unforgettable event for all their fans in Poland. The girls started their performance with well-known hits like “FIRST,” “Slay,” and “Pirate,” capturing the hearts of fans from the first notes.

During the concert, EVERGLOW presented special performances in units, with the dance to “Unholy” by E:U and Mia being particularly impressive. A moment that won the hearts of fans was the cover of K-pop songs, accompanied by enthusiastic singing from the audience.

In the breaks between songs, the girls expressed their surprise and admiration for the energy of Polish fans. They were also pleasantly surprised by the Polish tradition of stomping, confirming that the concert atmosphere was exceptional. Undoubtedly, an unforgettable moment was the collective chant of “EVERGLOW forever, let’s go!” before the highly anticipated performance of the very popular “LA DI DA.”

During the encore, the girls thanked the audience for the incredible reception and shared anecdotes from their time in Poland. They highlighted the tastiness of Polish food, particularly emphasizing their enjoyment of Polish pork knuckle. They also promised that they must return to Poland. The concert concluded with the debut song of the group, “Bon Bon Chocolat,” which was a fantastic culmination of the evening, confirming that EVERGLOW is a group that will undoubtedly leave a lasting memory for every fan.

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photos: Martyna Cieślik, Julia Wawryniuk

Thans to MyMusicTaste for the opportunity to cover the show!