Teen Top back in Europe! – interview

Teen Top are coming back to Europe to meet their fans in 4 countries. They found a moment to chat with us about their feelings and plans for the future!


AMP: You have visited Poland last year and surely some Polish fans will show up at your European concerts this time. What is the first thing that comes to your mind, when you think about Poland?

TEEN TOP: Thinking about Poland, we remember of the live show first, but we also remember the icecream we ate back then. It was very delicious.

AMP: What is the most exciting aspect of such tour for you? What are you looking forward to the most?

TEEN TOP: It’s exciting to travel around each country. It’s been a while going to another country.

AMP: Do you have any unique items that you bring with you for such long journeys?

RICKY: Earphones. We listen to music most of the time when we are on the road. It’s an essential item.

AMP: Which song during your concerts is the climax moment – the most important, most emotional or energetic part of the show?

TEEN TOP: The songs that everyone can enjoy like Rocking, Crazy, etc.

AMP: Your choreographies are famous for being very difficult. How do you feel about it – is it still tiring or difficult for you to learn a new choreography or you got used to it and it’s all easy now?

TEEN TOP: It is difficult, so we practice a lot and make sure to keep in step to look good.

AMP: If you had a chance to shoot a MV for a song that doesn’t have one yet, which one would it be?

RICKY: Personally, I believe it would look good if we get to shoot a MV for ‘don’t I’.

AMP: Can you share one thing that you have yet to cross off your bucket list?

RICKY:  I would like to do a cruise trip with my family.

AMP: And one thing that made you happy recently?

TEEN TOP: We are all very happy to prepare hard for a greater show during the tour.

AMP: Which song can’t get out of your head recently?

TEEN TOP: Recently we listen to our songs to prepare to Europe Tour.

AMP: It’s going to be 8 years since your debut this year. Is there a side to Teen Top that we don’t know yet? What can we expect when it comes to your next album?

TEEN TOP: The next album will be a mood of mid 20s, and not so young.

AMP: What are your plans after finishing the tour?

TEEN TOP: We are going to come back with new album for our fans.

AMP: Is there anything you want to tell AMP readers and your fans in Poland?

TEEN TOP: Thank you for the great interest in us. We will prepare an awesome show, so please come see us.



You can find the details about the tour tickets under this link! Thanks to Torpedo Productions & B7Klan and Top Media for the interview opportunity.

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