Interview with Dio – Distraught Overlord

Dio – Distraught Overlord comes back this year to perform during B7Klan’s 10th anniversary tour!

Asian Music Polska had a chance to ask them about their comeback and memories from Europe amongst others.

Read on!

Dio – Distraught Overlord answered our questions in English.


AMP: Hello! First introduce yourselves, but please do so by describing each member in three words!

mikaru: I, AM, MIKARU

kei: Blond hair, Long hair, Tall

erina: Drunker, Gambler, Player

ivy: Boy, Crazy, Pasta

denka: Alien, Brutal, Chihuahua

AMP: We’re very happy to have Dio back! But are you back for good or is it only a one-time thing for this tour?

Dio: Actually this is just limited “Come back”. But if everything is possible, of course we’d like to come back again and again.

AMP: Do you plan to release any new songs?

Dio: We don’t know yet. But we are sure about Dio has better sense for composing new songs now. So, if we can…(!?)

AMP: Dio is back after 6 years! That’s quite a long time. What have the members been doing during that time?

Dio: Each members had each new band and new music activities and projects during this 6 years. Just kei stopped music then.


AMP: You’ve been to Poland two times – what are your memories of that country?

Dio: Polish audiences are pretty awesome. We think they have huge passions for music. We can enjoy and feel their attitude well every time.

AMP: What is your funniest or most interesting episode from European tours?
mikaru: Just after concert at Belgium in 2008, I was the patient who was taken to hospital by ambulance. And I forgot to remove my make-up and my wing when I enter in the X-ray room.

kei: Suddenly denka disappeared from the hotel where we stayed in midnight.

erina: In Paris I and denka had to escape against “Something”. Sorry, I can’t tell the reason.

ivy: I wore sunglasses just during stay in Europe.

denka: Some “Males” tried “A Proposal” to me.

AMP: What was your biggest culture shock when you first came to Europe or Poland in particular?

mikaru: I saw many flower girls in Europe. And I thought it is so romantic.

kei: Usually they hug each other. Because Japanese people never do that in first meeting situation.

erina: Car parking on the street. Each cars are too close, they are too freedom.

ivy: Audiences in EU took a lot of photos so freely during concert.

denka: A lot of fans already waited at the venue for our concert few days before.

AMP: What should the fans expect from this tour? Will you surprise them with anything?

Dio: Don’t forget please. This is not just “Come back”. Dio is becoming better ever still now! People will be able to feel it. So, Just follow us.

AMP: You’re performing during this tour together with Dirtrucks – what is your impression of them?

Dio: In fact we’ve never seen their performances on stage yet. Anyway they seems pretty cool style. Therefore we are really looking forward to have performances together on this tour.

AMP: You’ve just got back together as a band, but let’s reminescence a little about the very beginning! How did you get to know each other and how the band came into existence?

Dio: At first, mikaru met with ivy. They decided to make a great band, and tried to find band member. And after, they could find 2 guitarists whom named kei and erina. Few months later, finally denka joined the band. Then, this is the moment of birth of Dio in 2006!

AMP: If you could turn for one day into any different band member, who would it be and what would you do during that day?

mikaru: Frodo Baggins …Ahh no no, denka! (I want to destroy “The Ring” like him with Gandalf, The Hobbit, Elf, Dwarf, and human.)

kei: mikaru (I want to be a vampire like him, and I’d like to bite to people also.)

erina: kei (He is taller and taller than me. So, I want to enjoy different “Viewing”.)

ivy: kei (I want to try severity as working in public society.)

denka: ivy (If I can use a magic which he has, it will be more easy to go back to Mars.)

AMP: And if you could turn into any anime character, who would you choose and why?

mikaru: Son-Goku from 『Dragon Ball』 (Coz strong,  Very strong, Well…Strong!)

kei: Sephiroth from 『FINAL FANTASY 7』 (He is pretty beautiful man for me. And I want to use his sword “MASAMUNE”!)

erina: Doraemon (I want to try mischief with a lot of fantastic items of Doraemon.)

ivy: Arakita Yasutomo from 『Yowamushi Pedal Go!!』 (I want to be the wolf like him who has thoughtful of friends.)

denka: Yuki Nagato from 『The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya』 (In the movie, she can control “Time” by supernatural power. I need that power in my life.)

AMP: What is your favourite song these days? What are you into recently?

mikaru: 『What’s New』 Helen Merrill

kei: 『NEL』 AVTechNO!

erina: …Maybe it’s unbelievable for you. But usually I never listen to music ♪

ivy: 『HERO』 JAMproject

denka: 『Sunshine Of Your Love』 Cream


AMP: Please leave a mesage for your Polish fans and Asian Music Polska!

mikaru: I wanna be deep inside you!

kei: When I had concert in Poland last time, it was really cold season. But audiences were so hot, and the venue was like acid deficient state. I want and expect that situation again!

erina:  Dio comes back again! I can’t believe still now. And I’m so happy to come back to Europe again. Let’s join this Tour, and let’s make special memories with Dio!

ivy: Build up for stamina of yourself, and just you guys wait and see us!

denka:  I will come back from “Galaxy” soon. I missed you guys and “Earth” so much. Then, are you ready to celebrate the reunion of Dio ? See you in Poland!


Dio – Distraught Overlord will perform in Wrocław on 14th April together with The Dirtrucks!

We’d like to thank the band and B7Klan for this interview.

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