HALO answers questions before Warsaw concert

A little over 2 weeks before their first concert in Poland, the members of HALO found a moment to answer a few of our questions. Here they are!


AMP: Please introduce yourselves to our readers!

HALO: Hello, we are a 6-member boy group, debuted in 2014, HALO! Our members are DINO, OOON, IN HAENG, JAE YONG, HEE CHEON and YOON DONG. We love you!

AMP: Which song would you recommend to people not familiar with Halo?

HALO: We recommend „Flying” from the album „Here I Am” ^^

AMP: It’s going to be your first time in Poland. Are there any things you know about the country? Any expectations you have about it?

Ooon: My younger brother visited Poland a week ago and said that the cups (ceramics) are very pretty. (I’m looking forward to) cups, cosmetics, perfume, I also want to try gelato.

AMP: When you go for a long journey like this, what is one thing you must have in your bag/suitcase (except obvious basics)?

HALO: We bring perfume. And a camera.

AMP: Are there any words in Polish you have learned yet? What are the first words you
need to know when you go to another country?

HALO: “To dobrze” (good) / “love you”~ “thank you”.

AMP: What can the fans expect from your show?

HALO: Please expect our passionate image on stage ^^

AMP: What are Halo’s plans for 2018?

HALO: We will come to you with a new album. We also want to meet our fans from all over the World!

HALO are going to visit Warsaw on March 10th during their European tour. You can find the details of the event on Facebook and organizer’s website. Be sure not to miss it!

A big thank you to HALO for their time and Kanzen Music for the interview opportunity.

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